Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Company of People

. Dallas Clayton


. Orderly


. Just after the sun burned out 

. and all who were left 

. realized this was "it" 

. things finally got back to normal 

. sleeping in the grass 

. eating with your hands 

. killing your enemies 

. and sex at all hours for no damn good reason 

. right out in the open.

Today I leave you with a rather interesting poem, which I came across on the marvelous website

that is The Company of People.

I am yet to decide what exactly this website is, but the best way I cold describe it is a surreal

collection of raw, yet somehow poetic photographs, drawings and well, poetry. It hosts a very

impressive collective of artists, and I can guarantee it as an excellent way to pass an afternoon,

evening, and possibly night. Get inspired


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